[OA-Tsc] 2020-07-23 OpenAMP TSC notes and action items

Nathalie Chan King Choy nathalie at xilinx.com
Thu Jul 23 17:00:55 UTC 2020

Hi all,

You can find the notes posted here:

If you spoke, please check for any errors or important omissions & feel free to make corrections in the wiki directly.

Action items:
* All: Please contact Tomas & Nathalie if you are interested in being on the Code of Conduct committee.
* All: If you have ideas for licenses or other items for our small budget, let the OpenAMP Board members know.
* All: If you know anyone we should reach out to, who isn't yet active in OpenAMP, but it would make sense for them, please let Tomas & Nathalie know.
* Stefano to send out example of Xen consensus & conflict resolution process
* Nathalie: Shoot for 2nd week of September for TSC to schedule next call
* Nathalie: Send a question to list about rescheduling app-services call to September

Thanks & regards,
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